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Marriage System Of Buguns (Khowas)

Written by Sang NorbuSarai

The marriage system of the Buguns (Khowas) is unique. They follow the pologamy system of marriage. The society has its own norms to be followed during a marriage. It is always preferred that the marriage should be carried out within its own community. While doing so the marriage of a boy or a girl can never be settled in the same clan. The Bugun community considers that Glow & Murphew clans are brothers & sisters. Similarly, Phiang & Sarai clans are treated as brothers and sisters. The bugun community does not consider the marriage of a boy of the Sarai clan with the girls of Phiang clan. This type of restriction of marriage exists in every village of the Bugun community which is accepted and considered by the Bugun society from generation to generation.

There are three types of marriage system in Buguns (Khowas) tribe:
1. Boh (Direct Marriage system/Force Marriage): This system of marriage is generally carried out as per the desire of the mother’s brother (Khyong) and the father’s sister (Khang). In fact, the Buguns (Khowas) prefer cross-cousin marriage. But in the present day such methods of marriage are rarely practised and not encouraged.

2. Maisong Nah Yee-“geaye (Love Marriage): This type of marriage in Bugun (Khowa) community is also permissible. But society gives less importance and recognition to such types of marriage. However, in the present days, it is noticed that most of the marriages are carried out in the system of Maisong-Yee-Geaya / Love Marriage.

3. Bok Roye (Arranged Marriage): In this type of marriage system in Bugun community, the boy stays at girl's house for a month, six months or even a year rendering his service to the girl’s parents. During his stay in the girl’s house, both the boy and the girl exchange their views and tries to know and understand each other, so that they can become a good couple. Simultaneously, the girl’s parents judge the ability and sincerity of the boy and decides whether he can prove to be a good partner for their daughter or not.

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