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Lifestyle of Adi Community

Food, clothing and weaving expertise of Adi Community

Key Takeaways:

  • The staple food of Adi Community and their local wine
  • The way of clothing of the Adi Community
  • Weaving expertise of Adi Women

Food Habits:
Maize is their staple food crop. Meat and fish are also very important food items of the Adis. One of their common dishes is a millet pancake called 'Tami' which is a part of their staple diet. Ramjang is a kind of grass that they collect from the forest for the occasional preparation of a leafy dish.
Their local brew made from millet is served to the guests. Customarily, the host pours the drink in a cup or a bowl from which the guests and the family members take their first sips, exchanging greetings.

The Adis adorn themselves with gorgeous ornaments among which are coin chokers called 'Golpota', a silver necklace with a pendant called 'Nok', long silver necklace called 'Sondorong', long coin necklace called 'Tampilang'. They wear bead necklaces of different colours - yellow beads represent female, and blue beads represent male. Beads are locally called 'Tadok'.

Weaving Expertise:
The Adi women are expert weavers and weave on backstrap looms called 'Uchum' to make fabric for their traditional wears, called Galo. They make white carpet-like fabric called 'Bado' and mekhla called 'Galli.' Home products also include thick white weaves in the form of carpets or rugs called 'Bado' that can have multiple uses.

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