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Crafts of Idu Mishmi Community

Textile and Basketry of Idu Community

Key Takeaways

  • The Idu women are excellent weavers
  • Every household has a backstrap loom whuch the women use to weave
  • The Idus also excel in basketry

Idu-Mishmis have a rich tradition of weaving textiles on backstrap looms. Idu Textile received GI accreditation in 2019. Backstrap looms are usually fixed to the balcony when weaving is done. Before weaving begins, threads of different colours are entwined with a manually operated thread mixer. The loom is locally known as Tatkar and each part has its own name. Sley is the warp. Raas is weft. Mora is spindle and Jatal is spinning wheel. Geometric patterns like triangles, rhomboids, lines in a continuous sequence in motifs, are significant to the Idu Mishmi community. The yarns used to be extracted from the nettle plants which are commonly found in the areaThey have a vibrant sense of colour and the ability to create intricate designs using looms and hand-knotting techniques.

The Idu community uses bamboo slips to weave baskets, bags and other everyday necessities of various types and sizes. Idu men are experts in bamboo and rattan weaving. The products are manufactured including different types of baskets, containers, hats, etc. with very high aesthetics and quality, reflecting the skill of weaving different patterns, shapes and sizes.




Traditional Hat


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